Electronically tracking your food

Smart Labels makes it possible to track the supply chain and to monitor the quality of fish and other sensitive goods all the way from source to customer.

Smart-Fish secures the traceability and transparency of food and other sensitive products throughout the transport process.

The core product of Smart-Fish are electronic printed labels - Smart Labels - which facilitate monitoring location and temperature of products.

Providing producers and customers with valuable data, Smart Label System has the potential to change the transport of food and other vulnerable high quality goods.

The service will also make the Nordic area more competitive.




Lead Partner:
University of Iceland

Ragnheidur I. Thorarinsdottir
Adjunct Professor

Mail: rith{at}hi.is

Tel: +354 89 64 830

Recently scientists from Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland and Nofima in Norway performed a test of the Smart-Fish sensors on a shipment...

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Seventeen candidates including the NPA Smartfish-project were nominated for The Atlantic Project Awards 2017.

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Project manager Ragnheidur I. Thorarinsdottir from University of Iceland presented the NPA Smartfish project during the Aquaculture Europe 2017...

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Project manager Ragnheiður Inga Þórarinsdóttir held a presentation about the status of the Smart-Fish research project during the conference Blue...

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March 2nd 2017 a short seminar was held in Tromsø, Norway. During the seminar the scientists gave a brief overview over the current status of the NPA...

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Scientists from Iceland, Finland and Norway working with the NPA Smart-Fish research project visited Lerøy Aurora’s aquaculture farm near Sessøya in...

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The scientists involved in the NPA Smart-Fish research project visited The Scottish Sea Farms Harvest Station and Processing Plant in South Shian in...

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A seminar about the NPA Smart-Fish project was organised during the UK Aquaculture Exhibition in Aviemore in Scotland, on May 2nd, 2016.

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It is important for Smart-Fish to have the best possible insight into the needs of the industrial partners.For this reason, the presentation and tour...

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